Up & Down the Valley 


A 'tiny' home for a large family

With an amazing outdoor playground both up and down the valley, this house is all about connecting you with the outdoors. To the east the covered outdoor dining & kitchen area is the key space around which daily life revolves. It’s simultaneously indoors and outdoors; acting as an entry, kitchen, dining, lounge space, a place of action (getting ready to venture out and feed the animals, gearing up for a day of play in the orchard, returning, drying off), a learning space and one of inaction (winding down, relaxing with the family).

On the other side of the warm, open plan living space, is your connection to the other side of the valley. From here the space opens out to the west, connecting you with the pigs, cattle, food forest, swimming pond and the rest of the valley beyond.

Built: 2018 | Engineer: MY Consulting Engineers | Builder: Jason Frater Builders

Images: First Light Studio


Gibbs_Scene 04.jpg