The Stillwater Home



Growing with the natural environment


The Stillwater Home home is designed to be an integral part of the landscape, as if it has always been there. The use of honest and enduring materials and a long, low profile that follows the slope of the site helps to nestle the home into its natural surroundings.

Two distinct identities are presented through the detailing of the home: one; the rustic and protective farmhouse, sympathetic to its rural setting, and two; the light, open, contemporary solar house, sympathetic to its tech-savvy inhabitants.

Low and ranch-like from the road, the house leans back into the hillside; its solid-walled aspect providing protection from the cooler south. Horizontal picture windows take in the panoramic views but maintain privacy from the neighbouring properties. The northern aspect, however, tells a completely different story! Here the structure reaches skyward: lofty ceilings and full-height glazing invite the landscape in, making the most of the views and the sun’s warmth and light.

In the balmy north-Auckland climate, living outdoors is the main objective of this house design. The canopy roof sheltering the living wing soars well past the building limit to create a covered outdoor room, complete with its own fireplace. Mirroring the action of the building volumes, a terraced patio steps down the contours of the site and gradually dissolves back into the landscape again.

 Built: 2014 | Engineer: Law Sue DavisonBuilder: PC Builders

Photographs copyright of: Jason Mann Photography