Strata Apartments


A beautiful piece of contemporary architecture forged from the landscape.

Inspired by the dramatic landscape and its turbulent geological past, four premium apartments step up the steep site in rhythmical disarray, a series of angular roof planes mimicking the craggy, striated texture of their jurassic backdrop.  

The landscape of the Wakatipu Basin bears witness to a dramatic geological history of seismic upheaval and successive ice ages. The Strata Apartments borrow from this backdrop, as if the same shifting glaciers carved out a series of living spaces from the hillside’s unyielding, uneven seams of dark Greywacke. The apartments sit confidently on the site, their strong, dramatic facade speaking to the rugged surrounds. A sharp, weathered exterior protects and contrasts the warm living spaces within. 

At street level a strata of schist anchors and blends the building into its craggy terrain. The entry is set back from the roadside, softened with native vegetation and alpine tussock.

In the levels above, sheltered by dark metallic seams of roofing, natural timber soffits lend an autumnal glow to the living spaces and complement the simple palette of muted tundra tones.

The Strata Apartments appear as if forged from the very landscape they sit upon. A combination of site-sympathetic forms, materials, versatile planning and fine architectural detailing promise to enrich not only the lives of future inhabitants, but the streetscape as a whole.


The Strata Apartments are more than just a place to live, they're a place to feel.

Watch the clouds roll over the Remarkables; the sun rise and set; the snow dust the valley floor and the township below light up with seasonal activity. All this from the comfort of your cosy fireside chair!

On the balcony jutting out from the hillside high above the basin, breathing in the alpine air, you feel as if you’re standing on the edge of the world.

A neutral interior palette is complemented by rich timber ceilings that add warmth and vibrancy to the living spaces. Inclined angular ceiling planes follow the exterior contours of the roof, their varying pitches directing the eye upward and outward to the spectacular scenery. Floor to ceiling glazing frames unique vistas for each apartment. 


Light filled, open plan living

The large open plan interior is complemented by a generous exterior terrace that flows seamlessly from the inside. Throw the doors open on a balmy summer's evening: these spaces are designed for sharing!  Generous entertainment spaces prioritise comfort, light and lifestyle. 

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Exceptional views across Queenstown, stretching from the lake to the hills.

A highly functional design is enriched by natural light and organic textures. Hugged by living spaces on either side, cutaways into the building envelope create exterior living spaces and natural light wells, flooding the living areas with daylight right through to the lower apartment level. These terraced outdoor areas take advantage of the sunshine and the panoramic views. 

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Luxury accommodation

Terraced outdoor living spaces take advantage of the sunshine and the panoramic views. Wake up to a million dollar view every day! Designated bedroom wings provide separation from the living areas, allowing a retreat from social activity into a calm, quiet, personal haven.

Bathrooms are simple and stylish with warm natural finishes. The master ensuites are designed for soaking up the view from the spa-style bathtub.



Apartment One

Single Level | Total Area - 231.5m²/2486ft²

3/4 Bed | Media Room | 4 Bath  | 2 Garaged Car Parks

Lobby - 13.5m²/145ft² |  Floor Area - 167m²/1798ft² |  Terraces - 21m²/226ft²  |  Garages - 30m²/3238ft² 

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Apartment Two

Single Level |  Total Area - 261m²/2809ft²

3/4 Bed |  Media Room  | 5 Bath  |  2 Garaged Car Parks

Lobby - 8m²/86ft²  |  Floor Area - 188m²/2024ft²  |  Terraces - 35m²/377ft²  |  Garages - 30m²/3238ft² 

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Apartment Three

Split Level |  Total Area - 235.7m²/2537ft²

3/4 Bed |  Media Room  | 4 Bath  |  2 Garaged Car Parks

Lobby (shared) - 8.7m²/94ft²  |  Floor Area - 157m²/1690ft²  |  Terraces - 40m²/430ft²  |  Garages - 30m²/3238ft² 

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Apartment Four

Split Level |  Total Area - 227.7m²/2451ft²

3/4 Bed |  Media Room  | 4 Bath  |  2 Garaged Car Parks

Lobby (shared) - 8.7m²/94ft²  |  Floor Area - 149m²/1604ft²  |  Terraces - 40m²/431ft²  |  Garages - 30m²/323ft² 

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From the Architects

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to the architectural landscape of Queenstown Hill. The studio’s core philosophy is to create beautiful architecture that enhances the lives of its inhabitants as well as both the surrounding natural and built environment.

Through the merging of natural materials and landscape elements, the building is respectful of its setting, yet architecturally dynamic and eye-catching. Built of the very geometrical forms it rises from, the building juts out over Belfast Terrace, encompassing the marvellous, world-class vistas available to each apartment.

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