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Jacks Point Rise


Jacks Point Rise

The built form draws its inspiration from the natural landforms and the historical process of shifting rock forms that created the Remarkable Mountain range that provides the backdrop to Jacks Point. A simple gable form is shifted along its ridge line to create a bold, sharp, form reminiscent of the jagged mountains beyond. This tectonic shift of the form, similar to that of a broken rock, provides rich sheltered outdoor living spaces in the voids created by the form.

The gable begins humble at a single level to the west, where the site meets the reserve, minimising the impact of the built form at the highest point of the site. As the site falls naturally back towards the road this single level form extends over a natural schist plinth that forms the garage below. Nestled into the natural contour of the site the garage also sits backs from the envelope of the house above, recessed in both form and appearance.

The building is sited to maximise natural light, and utilise the existing vehicle crossing from the street. Careful placement of windows and doors are designed to capture selected views while maintaining privacy from both the built and unbuilt neighbouring properties. A small footprint of 127m2 allows the property to sit safety within all building restrictions and away from the street edge. The outdoor living is raised above street level and wrapped in a solid timber balustrade to provide both privacy and minimise a visual connection to the street edge.

A simple pallet of natural and recessive materials mimic the surrounding natural and built environment. These include locally sourced schist, stained cedar, and colorsteel. Windows and doors are recessed within the claddings of stained timber and schist. Derived from the surrounding environment the landscape design provides a low maintenance and sympathetic planted environment to this home, blurring the street and boundary edges through carefully selected and approved species. Utilities are screened using a combination of slatted timber as an extension of the building form, and landscape planting. Exterior lighting will be limited to wayfinding on the south steps, and exterior doors. The lighting will be indirect low intensity LED to minimise light pollution.

Currently on the drawing board

 Project Manager: Alpine Projects

Images: First Light Studio


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