Hello. We're an Architectural practice from Wellington. Our passion is creating brilliantly designed spaces for our clients to live, in harmony with our world. We believe in living for good.


We believe in great living. We believe in its enduring power to enhance our wellbeing, and its ability to work with nature, not against it. But for too long great living has been defined by the wrong thinking, resulting in housing that is unhealthy, inaccessible and unsustainable. We are speaking up for a fresh direction. 

Our purpose is to redesign our living future. To create living environments that flex with the rhythms of life and grow beautifully together with their natural surroundings. Brilliantly designed spaces that enhance life and our connection to our land and each other, for generations to come.

At First Light we combine internationally award-winning design with leading-edge eco technology and a love of working closely with people passionate about truly sustainable living.